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Auto Clicker helps you do repeated taps at any location with any interval you specify.
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Auto Clicker Mod Apk is a unique type of  application that you do not know about a lot. Let us explain to you why this app is an important one. Have you ever played some games in which you needed to type the screens a lot? You must get tired a lot by typing on the screen again and again. This phase is hectic but you gotta play that game and get the highest score.

It is not possible to keep playing it and not get tired so there must be a solution for you. This solution is known as the Auto Clicker Mod APK which is an app that activates the auto clicking mode on your screen so you do not have to tap again and again on your phone and thus you keep saving your energy.

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This app is really convenient and will help you a lot in playing your favorite game without getting tired. There is so much we want to explain to you about this app and why you should download it. Let’s have a look at the features and other things about this app to learn more.

What is Auto Clicker APK?

Auto Clicker APK is an application that allows you to activate the auto tapping feature on your screen. This feature is perfect to use when you want to play a game that requires a lot of screen tapping but you are too tired to continue. You can earn the highest score without putting more effort into this game and thus you can achieve all your goals with this app.

What is Auto Clicker Mod Apk?

Auto Clicker Mod APK is a modified version of this game which has some more features for you to enjoy. You will see no ads in this version of the game and plus you will get unlimited taps without any restriction. You will get to enjoy this app completely with this advanced version of Auto Clicker.

Auto Taps

The auto tapping option in this app will give you full freedom to get an unlimited number of screen taps and clicks without working yourself. This auto tap feature once activated will provide you as many taps you want and in this way you can achieve the required targets in the game. This feature is perfect for playing a mobile game in which you need a number of tapping to reach your desired goal. This feature can save you from defeats and take you many steps ahead of your competitors.

Adjust Taps

You can also adjust the taps on the screen that where exactly you want those taps to be done. There is full control given to you so you may do the complete taps on your screen whenever and wherever you want.

Set Timer

You can also set a timer in this app that will calculate how many times you want to click on a screen for a particular time period. You can see the minutes till you need clicks and the number of clicks you basically need within those minutes. Thus this timer will help you get there and stay free without worrying about the number of times the clicks or taps work.

Multiple Click Points

You will get multiple click points in this application that will help you click on so many spots at the same time. The number of clicks on different spots of your screen will be determined in this app. You just have to sit back and take a rest while this app do it’s work and wins games on your behalf.

Easy to Use

This app is so easy to use as there are no difficult or complicated controls in this app. You will enjoy using it as it is very simple to handle. Even a kid can operate this app and figure out how this app actually works. This app being easiest to use is the best part of using it.

Unlimited Taps

One can enjoy unlimited taps in this app. There is no limit to the taps that you get to enjoy in this application. You will never run off the taps so you may enjoy them as much as you want.

No Ads

There are no ads in this app that will ruin your user experience. You will see you don’t have to see ads at all with this version of Auto Clicker. You will get to have the best user experience in this way and hence you won’t be worrying about the pop-up or video ads at all.

Free to Download

Auto Clicker Mod Apk app is totally free to download as you never need any money to get it. There are no downloading charges at all for this app. You can download it easily on this website because the downloading link is present right in front of you on this page. You can save your money in this way and do not have to pay to get this app on your smartphone.


  • Get unlimited taps
  • Set timers
  • Multiple click points
  • Auto tapping option


  • Taps might go uncontrolled



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How to install Auto Clicker Mod Apk APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Auto Clicker Mod Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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