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Auto Clicker helps you do repeated taps at any location with any interval you specify.
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There are many tools and applications on the internet for the convenience of the users because they need different things and tools from time to time in order to address their needs and demands. There are many types of tools that are available in each that are unique. These are available as per the need of the uses and convenience. Auto Clicker Mod APK v2.0.5 is an application that has made the life much easier for the people who like to play games because it helps them in automatically tapping on the screen despite people doing it by their own hands which is quite a hassle for the users. Auto Clicker Mod Apk is available on the internet and you can download it for free because it does not cost you anything except for the premium features that can only be accessed on paid version.

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Auto Clicker Mod Apk has millions of downloads by the very loyal people who are loving this application and have also given very beautiful and nice reviews about it. People are very much satisfied with this application because it has provided much convenience to them, especially to those who like to play games.

Auto Clicker Mod Apk has a very nice user interface and excellent features which are very much attractive to the people who used this application. If you want to read any more about the remarkable features of this application do make sure to read the full article stated below.

What is Auto Clicker APK?

Auto Clicker Apk is a fabulous tool available on the internet for those people who play lots of games and find tapping on the screen very much inconvenient. So this tool has made it easier as it allows you to automatize the tapping feature on your mobile phones or tablets. You do not need to repeatedly tap on your screen and you can simply use this wonderful tool Auto Clicker Apk.

You can adjust the tapping and can also make many more adjustments as per your need. You can also set the global timers and can adjust the timings because this is also an excellent feature of this application. There are many tapping points on the screen which provides you much while playing the games as you can easily tap anywhere automatically. It also allows its users to export or import the script while even providing the much more level of comfortability.

What is Auto Clicker Mod APK?

Auto Clicker Mod Apk is the modified or cheat version of the application which is designed to provide the people with lots of benefits that are not available in the original version of the application. The best part about the Mod version is that the people can access all the premium features of the application for absolutely free and they do not need to pay any charges at all.

The Mod version provides endless tapping options to the users and you can tap anywhere any time and for unlimited times. The Mod version also says goodbyes to the advertisements because advertisements are big reasons for people getting annoyed by using the applications. So the Mod version saves the users from such problems.

What is the Use of Auto Clicker APK?

Auto Clicker Apk is used for automatic tapping and it is an excellent tool.

How should I Use Auto Clicker APK on Android?

Just go to your mobile settings and in accessibility section you can set the durations of clicking.

Can I Use Auto Clicker Apk on Mobile?

Yes, you can absolutely use Auto Clicker Apk on mobile.

Features of Auto Clicker Mod APK v2.0.5

Remarkable User Interface

The user interface of Auto Clicker Mod Apk is very convenient and remarkable. It is a very easy to use application and the users can use it without facing any complexities or problems. All the instructions are provided for using the application and you can feel much light while using this phenomenal tool which saves you from the hassle of tapping.

Customizations Settings

Auto Clicker Mod Apk allows you to customize the settings as per your own thoughts and you do not need to worry about getting stuck to the original settings of the application. You can totally customize it and attain the best level of satisfaction because the application is highly user friendly and is aiming to provide much to its users.

Global Timer of Game

You can actually set a timer for the application so that it may no how many times it has to do the tapping thing. You can adjust the number of controls and can get the minutes for playing the game. This is a very nice feature of the application which provides you an excellent opportunity to set the timers and play the game effortlessly.

Gesture and Clicker Options

While using this application you can have the gesture and clicker options which bees that you can tap on the screen without touching the phone by your gestures. The smart artificial intelligence of the application makes your work very much easier as you simply have to control your gestures and the tapping thing will be done automatically.

Script Importing and Exporting

You can export the script and can also import the script while using Auto Clicker Mod Apk. So this is also an important feature as it allows you to get the script easily or if you want to upload a script you can do that also.

Auto Tapping

There is a very nice option of auto typing which means that the application automatically taps as per the game or the settings. You can simply achieve high scores and set high goals by using this application. The auto tapping feature will also allow you to complete all your missions and challenges without facing any difficulty at all.

Lots of Click Points

There are abundant click points which the application provides you so that you can select where you want to get the clicks and it taps over there automatically. You just have to provide the click points and it’s all set and good to use.

Adjustments of Tapping

In Auto Clicker Mod APK v2.0.5 you can also adjust the click points so that you may get exactly what you want. The adjustment feature allows you to get the typing anywhere you want and also adjust its intensity. Any miscellaneous thing related to screen typing you can adjust it.

Mod Features

Endless Tapping

Endless Tapping options are provided.

No More Advertisements

Say no to advertisements as they never come in the mod version.


It is found that Auto Clicker Mod APK v2.0.5 is a very useful and convenient tool for many of the users. It allows you to simply tap anywhere without using your own hands or fingers . Application makes the life much easier because there is no need to do hectic typing so you can simply use the application for various purposes especially for playing games in which lots of screen tapping is involved. So this application is a must download for the people who need tools applications. In case of any problem feel free to reach us in the comment section.


Q. Is Auto Clicker Mod Apk free to play?

Yes, Auto Clicker Mod Apk is free to play.

Q. Can I download Auto Clicker Mod Apk on my android device?

Yes, you can surely download Auto Clicker Mod Apk on your android devices.



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How to install Auto Clicker Mod APK v2.0.5 Free Download APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Auto Clicker Mod APK v2.0.5 Free Download APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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