Billionaire Chess APK MOD (Premium Unlocked) For Android

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Aug 24, 2023
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Billionaire Chess APK for Android Download

Each player will role the dice and move her/his token around the board in clockwise direction. In 1 dice mode, player earns extra turn if the dice reveals 6. In 2 dice mode, extra turn gives to player if 2 dice have the same number. If a player gets 3 consecutive turns, the player is sent to Jail according to ‘caught speeding’ rule.

The board contains 25 normal properties, 3 bidding properties, 2 Risks, 2 Chances, 1 Airport, 1 Prison, 1 Go To Prison, 1 Start.

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If a player lands on an unowned property, they can buy the property. After that, they can develop it by buying houses or hotel. The money to buy a house is a half of property’s price. To develop a hotel, you have to pay triple amount of property’s price. If a player lands on an owned property, they must pay the owner a given rent. When a player owns all of the properties in a color group, they can collect double rent for any properties within it.

There are 3 bidding properties. They are Subway, Railway, Harbor. You have to win an auction to own these. If a player owns a group of Subway, Railway, Harbor, they also collect double rent for any properties within the group. You can’t develop houses or hotel on 3 bidding properties after buying these. You will earn a half of owned bidding property’s price when the player lands on it. When a player win the auction to own bidding property, its price will be the total money they pay to win the property.

A player who passes the Start space collects $2000. They will not be awarded money if they land on Start.

If a player lands on Airport, their token will be transported to the place of Airport label.

If a player lands on Go To Prison, their token will be placed on Prison. If Prison contains at least 1 token and other players land on Prison, they have to pay money of visiting Prison. To be released of Prison, a player have to roll dice 6 (1 dice mode) or double dice (2 dice mode), use Get Out of Prison free card or pay money. If a player is in Prison, they can not earn money when other players land on their properties. If a player stays at Prison in 3 consecutive turns, the player is forced to go out of Prison by paying money.

If a player lands on Risk space, they have to obey its instructions. This may include paying money, moving to a place on board, going prison…

If a player lands on Chance space, they have to obey its instructions. This may include collecting money, Prison Free card, transporting…

If a player pays money and they have not enough money in hand, they will have to sell thier properties until they have enough.

The game will be finished if there is only 1 player who is not bankrupt.


+ Travel all around the world.
+ Game board change in every game.
+ Play with 1 dice rule or 2 dice rule.
+ Save current game and resume it next time.
+ Give you an option to automatically roll dice to make game faster.
+ Save game records.
+ Play against build in AI or against friends in 1 device.

+ Game developed by LibGDX, Universal Tween Engine.
+ Use some pictures from,,,
+ Use some sounds from, Worm Armageddon.

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+ Twitter:


Q1: What is Billionaire Chess?

A1: Billionaire Chess is a mobile game that combines the strategic elements of chess with a billionaire theme. Players can enjoy a unique chess experience with various in-game features.

Q2: Where can I download the Billionaire Chess mod APK?

A2: We do not support or encourage the download of mod APKs, as they often infringe on the game’s terms of service and can contain security risks. It’s recommended to download Billionaire Chess from legitimate app stores.

Q3: How do I play Billionaire Chess?

A3: To play Billionaire Chess, you’ll need to learn the rules of chess. The game likely adds some unique features or themes, but the core gameplay will involve moving chess pieces strategically to capture your opponent’s pieces, including the king.

Q4: What makes Billionaire Chess different from traditional chess?

A4: Billionaire Chess likely adds a thematic layer to the traditional chess gameplay. This could include custom chess piece designs, unique boards, or special in-game events related to the billionaire theme. However, the core chess rules remain the same.

What's new

+ Fix crash issue happening on old devices.

+ Update target SDK version to 33.
+ Hide app title and navigation bar on Android 13.

+ Fix bugs.

+ Update latest frameworks.

+ Minor improvements.

+ Reduce app size.

+ Update app icon.

+ Adjust ad display.

+ Introduce new game: Jewelry Columns.

+ Introduce new game: Smiley Chain.
+ Update to latest frameworks.


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