Best Pregnancy Apps In 2022 Updated

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When you are expecting, nine months can seem like a very long period. But don’t worry; there are plenty of applications available to help you track and monitor your baby’s progress (as well as changes to your own body), giving you a greater sense of connection to the child that is developing inside of you.

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When you have a real human growing inside of you, a good pregnancy app should really fill up the gaps between all of your doctor’s appointments and provide all the fascinating questions that arise. As you learn more about what’s happening to your body—and to your baby’s—an app can be a really helpful tool.

The Forbes Health editorial team reviewed pregnancy tracker apps in order to determine the top pregnancy monitoring apps for 2022. You can find it on our list, whether you’re looking for a pregnancy monitoring app that links you with other expectant mothers or one that counts your baby’s kicks.

Best Pregnancy Apps In 2022 Updated

The App is all you will find in the new and updated version. Now I’m showing you all the latest Pregnancy Apps features. After reading them, you can understand this application software. Knowing all the details, you can decide whether to download and install after a while.

Best Pregnancy Apps In 2022 Updated

Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

When You’re Expecting is a pregnancy “bible” that has been around for ages. And for good reason: It’s packed with relevant, helpful information on just about every pregnancy-related subject imaginable.

Fortunately, the app follows suit; in addition to personalized tracking that shows you details about where you are in your pregnancy, it also provides week-by-week videos about your developing body and baby, as well as a ton of pregnancy information on everything from nutrition to exercise to labour preparation.

Additionally, you might consider the health advice and materials to be endorsed by doctors: According to Dr. Masterson, “this one is a very staple suggestion and it clearly delivers excellent medical advice.”

Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker

The Hello Baby app doesn’t exactly provide medical information, but it does offer adorable, humorous, and completely relatable advice along with charmingly oddball illustrations for each week of your pregnancy.

Opening the app is similar to having coffee with your pregnant best friend and discussing how much more difficult it is to walk without stumbling now that you are 34 weeks along.

Dr Masterson asserts that there is undoubtedly a time and place for “social” apps like this one, despite the fact that it lacks ob-gyn-approved data. Week-by-week updates regarding pregnancy expectations, she says, “may help you connect with your kid and promote a sense of comfort by understanding what’s happening.”


Healofy is for Indian mothers, babies, and expectant mothers. Baby health to baby names, kick counter to baby growth, pregnancy milestones to baby milestones, bump or baby bump to baby growth tracker, baby vaccination reminder and baby vaccination chart to baby food recipes, contraction timer to potty training, ultrasound pics, baby nutrition to baby sleep, pregnancy yoga to peekaboo to baby lullab It serves as your baby’s comprehensive BabyCenter.

Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker 12+

Throughout your pregnancy, this app will help you maintain your composure. Week after week, it will keep you informed of your and your unborn child’s progress. It will also explain how to react in different circumstances. Every day, new, useful articles are posted!

Keep track of your contractions, weight, blood pressure, belly growth, and the baby’s first movements. Gather all of this information into one report so the doctor can see how you are doing. Convenient calendar for scheduling tests and doctor appointments.

Keep a pregnancy journal! Keep daily records of your sexual activity, mood, blood pressure, weight, and stomach size. Avoid skipping your doctor’s appointments or critical tests. May your pregnancy be beautiful and comfortable! Everything will be taken care of & you need to watch our application.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

With Ovia Pregnancy, you can monitor your child’s growth every day!With Ovia, you may watch your baby’s development in a way that is as customized as your pregnancy.

With this new function, we can’t wait to help you keep track of your favourite baby names and, maybe, identify a winner. To “like” and “heart” your favourite names, swipe through thousands of entries. Learn about the meaning and history of each name, sort names by letter or gender, and view popular nicknames.

With our new “in the womb” function, you can see detailed images of your child every week. Zoom into the full-screen photos to get a closer look and see every detail. Baby size comparisons include interesting themes including fruits and vegetables, animals, pastries from Paris, and fun and games. The baby is the size of a crème Brulee at week 17! Compare the size of your baby’s hands and feet now to when they will be at your due date.

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