Best Mobile Banking Apps In Bangladesh

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Here are some of the Best Mobile Banking Apps suggested for you. So that you can easily choose your favourite Mobile Banking without any hesitation. Also, you will be informed if you have any questions about what facilities you will get from your Mobile Banking Apps.
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Smartphones and the internet have put the entire world in our hands. Apps exist for everything, including shopping, meal ordering, doctor consultations, transportation, etc.

Banking is no exception. You no longer have to go to the bank to conduct transactions or even open an account. All of this may be accomplished through the use of the internet. With the popularity of digital wallets such as bKash and Nagad, more banks are releasing banking apps.

Best Mobile Banking Apps In Bangladesh

The App is all you will find in the new and updated version. Now I’m showing you all the latest Mobile Banking Apps features. After reading them, you can understand this application software. Knowing all the details, you can decide whether to download and install after a while.

Best Mobile Banking Apps In Bangladesh

1. bKash

Introducing the bKash App, a sleek app with intriguing features designed to make your life easier.
Sometimes you can create a bKash account right from the App, fund it with money from your bank account or credit card, and get started. In a highly secure mobile money app, you may recharge your mobile balance, scan QR codes to pay at your favourite places, pay utility and other bills from home, send money to others, and access various lifestyle services. In the bKash App, you can find the most fantastic bKash offers near you, get recommendations from bKash on what services you should try next, and use shortcuts for your most frequent transactions.

  • Don’t you have a bKash account? Don’t be concerned! Without creating an account, you may now explore the bKash App, its services, features, and offers.
  • After all the information is completed, you may create a new bKash account using your National ID and the bKash App in a matter of minutes.
  • From the Inbox button at the bottom of the bKash Home screen, you can get notifications on your most recent bKash transactions and promotional offers.
  • Now that you have an account, you’ll need to fund it. You can rapidly transfer dollars from your bank account or credit card to any bKash account using the Add Money feature.
  • To make your most frequent transactions go faster, use shortcuts under the My bKash area.
  • Allow the bKash App to handle your cell operator’s latest offers and best deals. In Mobile Recharge, you may see and buy recharge-based Internet, Voice, and Bundle offerings from various mobile providers.
  • Use shortcuts to recharge mobile balances quickly or pay postpaid mobile bills for all major mobile network operators: Teletalk, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, and Grameenphone.
  • Use the Scan QR button on the home screen to pay in stores and shops, cash out at Agent locations, or send money to other bKash users — it’s fast and easy.
  • Under the Offers part of your home screen, you’ll find all of the best bKash offers in one spot at your local payment locations.
  • Have a real-time view of your transaction limitations to see how much more you can transact.
  • Make monthly utility bill payments from the convenience of your home, including electricity, gas, internet, and other services.
  • It’s as simple as tapping to check your balance. We also help protect your data by displaying the balance for a few seconds before hiding it.
  • Have more control over your bKash transactions — see your available balance, auto-calculated service charge, and anticipated new balance when entering the amount – before completing the transaction.

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2. Rocket

You can send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere, who has a Rocket account. Rocket is a mobile banking application developed by a Dutch-Bangla bank. This App can be used by anyone with an Android or iOS phone from any telecom operator.

  • Top Up, Bill Pay, Merchant Pay, Send Money, Cash Out, Bank Transfer, Remittance, Bank Inquiry, and Mini Statement are the options you’ll find after registering.
  • Cashing in and out is simply because most small department stores offer this option.
  • Bill Pay and Merchant Pay are also beneficial for paying bills and purchasing things.
  • It is also possible to withdraw money using a DBBL ATM card or App.

It is possible to transfer funds from a personal DBBL account to other accounts. Check the Mini Statement option to keep track of all your transactions.

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3. Nagad

Nagad app helps you with everyday financial transactions such as cash in, cash out, transmit money (P2P), cellphone recharge, and more.

You’ll get notified about your most recent Nagad activity, and you’ll be able to view your transaction history, summary, and other information. Nagad will shortly launch several new and unique services to fulfil the requirements and demands of its customers.

  • Safe Financial Service App: The Nagad app is extremely safe. In two steps, the Nagad App requires your PIN. You must provide your PIN twice: once for login and again for each transaction.
  • No “send money” to an incorrect phone number: You may quickly choose the appropriate recipient from your contact list.
  • Recharge mobile phones or pay postpaid mobile bills for the following mobile network operators: Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, Banglalink, and Grameenphone.
  • Access your comprehensive transaction history and a monthly transaction summary to gain more control over your digital financial service account.
  • Balance check with a single tap: verifying your balance with a single tap on the screen is incredibly simple.
  • You can alter your display photo and add a display name.
  • Scan QR Codes for Cash Out: To cash out, scan QR codes at Uddokta locations.
  • You can choose a commonly recharged quantity from the screen for convenience.
  • Get notified about your most recent Nagad transactions.
  • Both Bangla and English are supported.

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4. Islamic Wallet

Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited introduced Islamic Wallet, a Shariah-based mobile financial service. Customers’ money is guaranteed to be safe with an Islamic Wallet that meets the strictest security and regulatory requirements set forth by the Shariah Board. This software is available for Android users to download and use. This software offers various new services in addition to the standard services offered by other mobile banking apps.

  • Balance (Send, Pay, Add, To Bank), Top-Up, Family Pay, Loyalty, Request Money, Vehicle Security, Food, Vehicle Solution, Movie Ticket, On-Demand, Insurance, Health, and Books are among the options available after registration.
  • Its services include cash in, cash out, fund transfers from accounts and cards, utility bill payment, top-up or mobile recharge, loan instalments, merchant payments, insurance premiums, and payroll.
  • This App can be used to pay taxes, fees, and government charges. This App can get government benefits like subsidies, freedom fighter allowances, and social welfare payments.
  • Some of its distinctive features include ticket service, car security, food, health, and movie tickets. Following through on Shariah-Compliant Services comes with specific additional terms and restrictions.

Mobile banking is becoming more popular as the globe becomes more digitalized, and consumer demand is likely to rise.

When it comes to stock trading and investing, the safety of one’s funds must be considered when picking a bank. With so many alternatives, one is sure to choose the bank that best suits their needs. That’s where different banks’ mobile banking apps come in to entice customers with their features that are more straightforward and adaptive to use.

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5. Citytouch 

The City Bank Limited’s digital banking wallet is called Citytouch. It provides its valued consumers with convenient banking options. According to user reviews, this is Bangladesh’s top mobile banking app. You’ll need a City Bank debit or credit card and an active City Bank account to use this simple banking option. Both Bangla and English are supported in this App.

  •  Upon registration, the Transfers and Payments page contains most options.
  • City Bank Account, Other Bank Account, Cash by Code, Email Transfer, Transfer to bKash, Beneficiary Management, Favorite Transfer, and Transfer History are available under the Transfers page.
  • Mobile Recharge, City Credit Card, Value Added Services, Visa Instant Payment, Beneficiary Management, Favorite Payments, and Payments History are available under the Payments page.
  • Customers will profit from this App in a variety of ways. Customers can benefit from two-factor authentication, user security, personalization, customization, and transaction security checks.
  • This software allows you to make deposits, take out loans, manage various credit cards, and set up fixed deposits.
  • The App can manage fund transfers, money transfers, bKash cash in, and mobile recharge. Various bill payment and purchase services are available here.

It is simple to acquire airline tickets. This software can also be used to pay bills with any VISA, Mastercard, or American Express credit card issued in Bangladesh and transfer money to 18 enrolled banks’ VISA cards. This App can also identify nearby City Banks’ ATMs and branches.

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Here are the Best Mobile Banking Apps In Bangladesh Suggested. You can choose the App you need and like, which will be helpful for your Mobile Banking Apps. You can get all apps on android for free Downloads.

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