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The most recent game in the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Friends, abandons the recent games’ thematic elements in favour of a more conventional environment. Now I will share with you, Angry Birds Friends Latest Game Apk .

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Angry Birds Friends Latest Game Apk Feature

Angry Birds Friends App is all you will find in the new and updated version. Now I’m showing you all the latest Angry Birds Friends features. After reading them, you can understand Angry Birds Friends application software. Knowing all the details, you can decide whether to download and install after a while.

  • Angry Birds Friends is quite enjoyable. It expands the Angry Birds universe with several additional levels and, it seems, adds new ones every week because of running regular tournaments.
  • Not the birds with lightsabers or the ingenious gravity effects, but the opportunity to compete against your Facebook friends in a series of consistent tournaments to determine who is the finest bird thrower among you makes Angry Birds Friends a worthwhile addition to the franchise.
  • This portion now features new areas and levels that are updated weekly. Still, the primary novelty is a fully functional online mode where you can compete with friends or other players, participate in tournaments, perform different tasks, and win special bonuses and rewards.
  • Unlike previous game iterations, Angry Birds Friends includes power-ups that can be utilized before launching the birds. It gives you a more potent focusing mechanism, slingshot, or even fatter birds.
  • Another change to “friends” is that you may now purchase the previously mentioned power-ups using the coins you earn by winning tournaments. These power-ups will frequently determine whether a player wins or loses a tournament.

Angry Birds Friends Latest Game Apk For Pc

To install this App on your desktop PC, you must first download and install the emulator on your operating system. There are many emulators online like Bluestacks Bignox. You can choose any of them for the next procedure.

Angry Birds Friends Latest Game Apk Download

 Angry Birds Friends Latest Game Apk Download

Additional Information;

Available Google Play
Size 94.9 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up

Everything is updated and tidied in the Angry Birds Friends latest App’s new version.

Get all the latest updates on Angry Birds Friends Apk.

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