Zombie Attack Sniper Survival Apk v0.7.9.1 Mod (Free purchase)
In the year of 2076 people suffer from an infection. A virus called Mushy77 transform human into zombie form.
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Rocinante Games
Jul 20, 2023
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Zombie Attack Sniper Survival APK for Android Download

Zombie Attack Sniper Survival Apk: In the year of 2076 people suffer from an infection. A virus called Mushy77 transform human into zombie form.
Few people have survived. Ellie is one those who made it. She helps you to gather resources but most of the time it is too dangerous to be outdoors. Your goal is to help Ellie survive from danger by using your sniper rifle skill !

– Shooting zombies
-Clearing the path for Ellie
-Activating doors
-Drive through chasing zombies !
-Target practice at shooting range
-Time trial mode with leaderboard
-Different weapon skins

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Watch out for your ammo , do not forget to upgrade your weapon !
If you are good enough you can also customize your weapon’s look!

Go ahead and try your luck to unveil the mystery behind Mushy77!


Q1: What is Zombie Attack Sniper Survival?

A1: Zombie Attack Sniper Survival is a mobile game where players must survive a zombie apocalypse by taking on the role of a sniper and eliminating the undead.

Q2: Where can I download Zombie Attack Sniper Survival?

A2: You can download Zombie Attack Sniper Survival from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Q3: Is there a modded version of Zombie Attack Sniper Survival available?

A3: Yes, there are modded versions of Zombie Attack Sniper Survival available. These versions often offer features like unlimited resources or enhanced gameplay. However, be cautious when downloading mods from unverified sources, as they can pose security risks.

Q4: How do I play Zombie Attack Sniper Survival?

A4: In the game, you will use a sniper rifle to take out approaching zombies. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible by accurately shooting zombies and avoiding being overrun.

What's new

Time trial with online leaderboard!
New Daily Rewards!
New Levels are added!
New progression mode!
New Sniper Skins are added!
Sniper handling improved!
Difficulty adjustments!
Various bug fixes and improvements



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